To bring in the new decade, fans are being treated to a phenomenal Monster Energy AMA World Supercross season, with a multitude of riders having the ability to top each class on any given weekend. Reflecting ten years ago, the 2010 season saw Chad Reed and James Stewart collide in Phoenix (RD2), the beginning of the ‘Ryan’ era, and the Pro Circuit powerhouse lock up both East and West Championships with Jake Weimer and Christophe Pourcel.

The hype continued in San Diego, and we review the top five from the 450cc class.

1 – Cooper Webb

Webb’s season thus far is the epitome of just how unpredictable supercross can be. The defending champ seemingly struggled during the first four rounds, most noticeably when multiple riders blew the doors off the #1 through the whoops in Glendale. By that time, he was 20 points down on points leader Roczen, and it appeared to be the Roczen/Tomac show for 2020. However, his last lap, last corner pass on K-Roc in Oakland was the first tell tale sign that the beast from the east was awakening, and the Webb train steamrolled everyone in SD. Webb plus confidence is a deadly combination, so the competition may want to derail this train before it reaches it’s desired destination; title #2.

2 – Adam Cianciarulo 

In his rookie season, AC has already met all expectations. He continued this in San Diego, when he made an aggressive move on Webb early, and then held the defending champ at bay until the end. The difference eventually came down to the whoops, where Webb’s jumping line became the faster, and more consistent option. Interesting note when the front two were playing cat and mouse, Webb yelled at AC “come on!”, as he’d explain on the podium that he didn’t want Blake Baggett to reel them in.

3 – Blake Baggett

Oh boy, was this ever necessary for Blake. The Rocky Mountain KTM rider has had undeniable speed so far – think making the pass for the lead before going down at A2 – however it just hasn’t seemed to come together for the #4 for whatever reason. He cited that in this field, when you start in the pack, there’s no moving forward, which shows in the championship leader Roczen’s result this weekend (P6).

4 – Eli Tomac 

This was a good ride for ET, considering these scenarios are typically when things can go wrong. Tomac ripped through the pack early, however his momentum seemed to dissipate when he went back and forth with Barcia – perhaps a mental fluster? Either way, Tomac will take fourth and being one point out of the title heading East.

5 – Justin Barcia

Barcia’s in a strange place at the moment where it seems as though he’ll finish within that 4 – 8 range no matter what. His starts surely haven’t helped, however he did put up a fight and held onto Tomac, and held the challenge of Roczen at bay, which was impressive. His speed has definitely been better, and you’d assume that thus far he’ll maintain that Monster Energy Yamaha seat for 2021, with Ferrandis likely joining him in the line up.