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To say Jay Wilson has experienced a turbulent career since wrapping up the 2015 MX2 Championship would be an understatement. The New South Welshman’s career reached the lows which led to potential retirement, however Wilson wouldn’t give, and now sits 11 points up in the 2018 SX2 Championship. A remarkable comeback.

Q) Your season so far has been pretty amazing – I think the wins are cool, but the last two rounds have been impressive when you’ve turned the nights around and limited the damage. They were rounds that really could’ve gotten away from you…

A) The season’s been good. It really began in motocross, we started building there, ended that series on a positive note and now to be where we are in supercross, it does feel really good. Even from supercross last year – we ended that on a high note, and that made me really excited for supercross this year.

As a team, we’ve really just been chipping away and doing our own thing – we don’t make too much noise, we just get on with what we’re doing. The last two rounds have been a little bit difficult – the first two were obviously really good – but the last two were really rounds that could have upset us, but we went into damage control and ended up coming out of them in a pretty good position still.

Q – For you too, to be where you are currently, has been one hell of a journey. You had the MX2 title in ’15, went to Europe, the Honda deal here falling through and then considering retirement. So now where you are at, it almost seems like a full circle from that 2015 Championship…

Yeah, 100%. I feel like I’ve been through it all – the highs and the lows of it, that’s for sure. This season has been a really cool season, I’ve been back with some awesome guys who I know work and put complete effort in. The biggest reward from this season though and why I’ve been able to turn it back around is just being able to do it with my family; my daughter and my wife.

The whole learning curve of everything that has gone on over the last few years – I definitely think that you never stop learning, but I’ve been given some life lessons which have made me a stronger person. Sometimes I have felt that the whole world was against me, but you’ve just got to keep fighting at it, and that’s the plan that’s been put in place for us.

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Q – Absolutely. For you in particular, you’ve definitely been put through your paces – do you think now that pretty much anything can be thrown at you and you’ll be fine?

A – Yeah exactly, that’s the thing with me, I used to think “far out, what am I doing wrong? What’s going on?” You can get down on it or you can just pick yourself up and keep moving forward, and yeah whatever does get thrown at me, I’m going to keep fighting.

The biggest thing is just to never give up and believe that I am good enough and that I do deserve to be where I am and for the most part, I’m just going to make it happen.

Q – With the championship situation at the moment, you’re 11 points in the lead heading into the AUS-X Open, is there some kind of game plan going in?

A – We’re going to approach this the exact same way we have as all the other rounds all season long. I’m still training the same, still riding the same and everything – the championship definitely isn’t over and we’re going there to win. That’s what we want to do.

I was in this position during the 2015 Motocross Championship heading into the final round and I went to Coolum and finished 1-1 on the day so for me, I approach the final round the exact same – the championship can be won, but I’m going to Sydney to do what I’ve been doing all season long.